Hi everyone,

The Fall 2011 SMWCon in Berlin will be happening from September 21-23, which is just two months away:


If you attend (and we hope you do), please consider giving a talk about whatever SMW-related site/project/extension/idea you've been working on. To propose a talk, just add a line to the wiki page here:


And while you're at it, if you're attending SMWCon then you should also add your name to the attendees list, here:


Though it's not obvious from the current short list of proposals, this SMWCon promises to be packed with interesting talks and presentations, including about the cutting-edge semantic web technology being developed at the Free University in Berlin, and the creation of a true data repository for Wikipedia (it's finally happening!).

Finally, you can also submit a tutorial for the first day, i.e. the tutorial day, if you're a developer or just know a lot about the technology in question: