Hi everyone,

If you use Semantic Bundle, you've probably noticed that it's been a while since the last release, which was on March 27 - that was over four months ago, which I think is a record for the duration between SB releases. That delay is mostly due to the fact that the extensions moved over gradually from the SVN to the Git repository during that time, and it was difficult (or at least awkward) to have SB get extensions from both. Now all the relevant extensions are on Git, though, as is Semantic Bundle itself:


It's not quite ready for release, though - there's at least one issue remaining, which is that the version of Widgets on Git doesn't work yet (it uses a newer version of Smarty, which is causing problems at the moment). Still, I assume that will be fixed eventually. But even once that's fixed, we still need one other thing, which is to upgrade the scripts that together generate Semantic Bundle, to get the extensions from Git instead of SVN. It shouldn't take too long to do, if you known scripting, and Git. If you're interested in helping out, please let me know.


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