Hi Frank,

You should definitely upgrade all your software. But to answer your specific questions:

- for suggestions/autocompletion, you should change your input type to "textarea with autocomplete".

- for having newlines as delimiters, just set "delimiter=\n".


On Tue, Nov 20, 2012 at 5:10 PM, DeRosa, Frank <DEROSAF-C@battelle.org> wrote:

Hi, my name is Frank and I fairly new Semantic MediaWiki developer.  I would appreciate help with designing the interface for some semantic forms and a varied audience of users.  My setup includes MediaWiki 1.15, SMW 1.5.6, and Semantic Forms 2.3.2.  I understand that these versions may limit my options.  Upgrades may be possible.  These are the only versions I have used, so please bear with me if I am out of date.


My forms will be collecting multiple values for properties.  I’ve started with the basic method, fields that look like this:

{{{field|FacilityEvents|input type=textarea|autogrow|rows=4|cols=74|property=Hosted|delimiter=;}}}

It works – no complaints there.  Here’s how I am looking to improve it:


·         Suggestions:  I tried using the “values from category=” attribute in the field tag and it still doesn’t suggest values.  I assume this is a limitation of the textarea.  This is important as I’d like to avoiding typos and other errors of entry and save keystrokes on long names which are already in the wiki.

·         Simplicity of use: semicolon delimiters are easy enough for me, but my non-technical users may happily separate values with line breaks.  Instructions will be provided but I’m looking to user-proof this aspect.

·         Ease of use for lots of data entry.  Using a textarea is about as easy as it gets, but if other features get added (like suggestions) I realize I may have to sacrifice this ultra-simple method.


I’m open to suggestions, extensions (off the shelf or custom), JavaScript/jQuery or most other alternatives.  I’m happy to look at resources or examples in the wild or anything else.  User participation and satisfaction is key on this project.  To collect lots of good data, it’s worth it to invest in the best UI that I can muster.


Thanks to everyone for the amazing tools you have developed and the support given on this mailing list.


Thanks again – your help is appreciated!

Frank DeRosa

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