Hi Samuel,

Perhaps a bit of background information would be helpful. What does RDFIO do? What, if anything, do you want it do further? What did SMWWriter do? How do POM/WOM fit into this whole thing? And how does this relate to the RDF triplestore functionality that SMW now has?


On Mon, Oct 21, 2013 at 10:30 AM, Samuel Lampa <samuel.lampa@gmail.com> wrote:
Just another note ... future work would probably need to do something
about the RDF library dependency situation. The current state of ARC2,
with 30 open issues [1], and no SPARQL 1.1 support, is a little worrying.

Haven't got my head around EasyRDF [3] enought to say if it covers all
the functionality of ARC2 though, so can't tell.

[1] https://github.com/semsol/arc2/issues?state=open
[2] https://github.com/semsol/arc2/issues/57
[3] http://www.easyrdf.org/

// Samuel

On 2013-10-21 15:30, Samuel Lampa wrote:
> To give some more background for my thoughts, I realize that the main
> reasons for not including SMWWriter in core at the time, have been the
> dependencies it was relying upon (Page Object Model):
> http://semantic-mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:SMWWriter
> The size of the code is also mentioned, but I wonder whether that is
> really a case anymore, with the growing size of the SMW core library
> itself anyway?
> I could mention that RDFIO currently depends on Wiki Object Model [1],
> rather than Page Object Model, due to better stability, but I had in
> my plans to try to drop even that dependency if possible, as the next
> step for RDFIO.
> // Samuel
> On 2013-10-21 15:23, Samuel Lampa wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> What is the current status of (REST) APIs and import functionality in
>> SMW?
>> As some of you might have noticed, I have been working a bit lately
>> on trying to finish the RDFIO extension to a workable state, efter
>> many years. At the same time, haing gone, over the last couple of
>> years, to a very green coder-wannabe, to having at least some year of
>> working coding experience, I start to get some perspective of what
>> was the situation before we started developing RDFIO, and what would
>> have been a more optimal path:
>> 1. I realize Denny's SMWWriter was already very much operating in the
>> way one would want for this kind of module (exposed via the MediaWiki
>> 2. Thus, I wish I would have rather extended that with the SPARQL
>> functionality of the current RDFIO extension, and worked to drop the
>> dependency on the POM module.
>> Instead, by lack of overview of things, I went away to create
>> specialized Special pages for everything (RDF Import, SPARQL
>> endpoint, and recently SPARQL endpoint copy / replication), and
>> basically made RDFIO into an add-on hack over how SMW normally works.
>> It turns out I simply haven't seen the big picture clear enough to
>> see how things should have been done from the start, and to
>> appreciate Denny's work on this already :P
>> So, when looking into the future, I would like to hear your thoughts
>> on the current situation regarding external APIs, and import
>> functionality, in SMW, and in which direction you would be interested
>> to work?
>> Personally, while RDFIO is now there and functionality starts to be
>> reasonably stable*, I would love to have these things more packaged
>> like how the SMWWriter extension was (mostly exposing functionality
>> via MW API), and possibly integrated in the SMW core and less like
>> how it is now, with RDFIO as a separate box, doing it's stuff it's
>> own way.
>> For the move towards using MW API more, that would quite probably be
>> the future plans for RDFIO, if I can find an opportunity to continue
>> on it.
>> A move towards SMW core of similar functionality (probably by newly
>> written code, and provided that is a thinkable direction for the core
>> devs), would most probably take a more skilled programmer / set of
>> programmers, than me alone, and I'm thus interested to hear what you
>> think about all this?
>> Cheers
>> // Samuel

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