Hi Vladimir,

Thanks for this patch. In theory, this sounds reasonable - and the code you created looks fine. My one concern is that, as far as I know, currently in MediaWiki the "watch this page" checkbox is never checked by default - except in special cases like that the user is creating a new page; and even for those cases, the user can decide not to have it checked by default, by changing their preferences. So I'm worried that this could break an expectation on the part of users that some page they decided to edit won't get added to their watchlist. Which is not a major concern, but it might be worth something.

Could you explain why you want that checkbox checked on some forms?


On Thu, May 31, 2012 at 3:57 AM, Vladimir Kostyukov <vladimir.kostukov@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Yaron, Stephan andeveryone!

I've just written simple patch, witch adds support of "default" tag for standard input checkboxes (minor changes, watch). You can found it attached.

Here is my motivation.

In my project, where I use SMW/SF, I had to mark standard input "watch" checkbox as "checked" by default for several forms (not for all forms). I've decided to write something like that (regarding standard checkbox usage):

{{{standard input|watch|default=yes}}}

But, It didn't work for me! I looked into sources, and figured out, that "default" tag is ignored. Than I've decided to implement this feature. I think its very useful, to have a way set "watch" or "minor edit" default value for separated form.

What do you thing about this feature?

Vladimir Kostyukov

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