Hi Sal,

I believe this is mostly just an issue of perception. Basically, the way I understand browser loading to work, if there's any Javascript linked at the top of the HTML page, it has to get downloaded fully before any of the HTML can be displayed. You can read more about that here (ironically, it's a Yahoo document):


That's one of the things the ResourceLoader, added in MW 1.17, tries to address: it puts all (or most) the Javascript, as well as some of the CSS, at the bottom, so that the HTML can be displayed right away. The downside to that is that it gives the weird effect of the HTML getting displayed before it's fully formatted, so you get things like the tabs showing up as a bulleted list first. People aren't used to that, so they view it as slow loading. (It could be that the YUI library did get loaded faster as well, though I don't think it's a significant difference.)

There is actually a way in ResourceLoader to declare that a certain set of Javascript and CSS files (i.e., a "module") should get loaded at the top, instead of the bottom - my understanding when I heard about it was that this wasn't fully implemented yet, but that was in 1.17 - maybe in 1.18 it works. (Or maybe it was always working fully - I should look it up.) Anyway, it's worth looking into for Header Tabs specifically.


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Hi Folks, mostly Yaron,

Iím trying to get our organization to formally move away from Foswiki and towards Mediawiki / Semantic Mediawiki.† I have a compelling MW site that deals with many of the issues we face daily.† †

However, there is a concern regarding performance. †Certain page delays are covered by explaining that the page includes several queries, compared to our current, similar Foswiki pages that are created by hand.† However, the one problem I canít get around that people come back to is the speed of Headertabs.† They see what should be a static page in MW that uses headertabs, and see the pre-tab list of tabs come up first, and interpret that as performance issues.† My MW 1.16 / older SMW install showed the tabs quickly, and overall load speed is faster.† †Unfortunately there are new features I need and I canít use the older stuff.

Is there anything that can be done to either lose the bullets, or better yet use the yui version under MW 1.17 or higher? †I know this has been discussed, and technically itís clear why itís a lower priority, but Iím asking again, because to admin / management decision makers, what they see affects their interpretation more than how it works.


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