I've created a SMW form with a xsd property of type code to insert xsd. I noticed today that it is showing a little warning associated with the xsd content. I'm wondering if that is expected behaviour and why?

More importantly though, I'm wondering what I should be looking for in the code to take steps towards adding a new type called xsd which applies some logic to the xsd after insertion into a form.

<td> &lt;xs:complexType name="section1_type"&gt;
<pre> &lt;xs:sequence&gt;
  &lt;xs:element name="title" type="xs:string"/&gt;
  &lt;xs:choice minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="unbounded"&gt;
   &lt;xs:element name="text" type="paragraph_describedlist_choice_type"/&gt;
   &lt;xs:element name="section2" type="section2_type"/&gt;

<span aria-describedby="ui-tooltip-0" class="smwttpersist" data-type="warning" data-context="persitent"><span class="smwtticon warning"></span></span>


Alex Muir