Benedikt Kämpgen wrote:
Hi Yury, Hi Laurent,

Thanks for your answers. The thing is, I actually do not want to import a
whole vocabulary just for "reusing" the URI foaf:knows. I would prefer to
simply declare a property page in a wiki to have the same URI as some other.
Whether foaf:knows is used directly (which would not require a reasoner
afterwards to make use of the data), is linked using owl:sameAs (which is
mostly done in Linked Data), or is linked using owl:equivalentProperty
(which would semantically be the right thing) is not so relevant; but would
it not make sense if equivalent URI for properties worked just like for
regular pages (and maybe also for categories)?

I'm not quite sure what you mean by that last part (about equivalent URIs for pages and/or categories); but I wouldn't mind seeing more of OWL implemented in SMW.  In particular, how about an [[equivalent to::]] property that is mostly equivalent to [[imported from::]], except that the target property doesn't have to be something that was imported?  In RDF, [[equivalent to::]] would be owl:equivalentProperty

Jonathan "Dataweaver" Lang