Thank you; this gives me a means of illustrating my point. 

Take the example of my name as given by Marcus:

Jon Lang{{#subobject name|personal=Jonathan|nickname=Jon|family=Lang}}

In order to set up a Semantic Glossary that uses Jon Lang as the term and information from {{#subobject name|personal=Jonathan|nickname=Jon|family=Lang}} to build a definition, you would need a person to intervene, as there are no semantics connecting the former to the latter: human intuition can make the connection, but a machine lacks the necessary tagging to do so.  Contrast this with:

{{#subobject name|personal=Jonathan|nickname=Jon|family=Lang|Jon Lang}}

In this case, it would be trivial for a machine to deduce that Jon Lang should be the term associated with the definition that's built from the rest of the #subobject

Stephan Gambke wrote:
Sorry for interjecting and probably I did not really get your point
here, but Semantic Glossary [1] has just been released in its first
(hopefully) stable version and it does not care at all about how the
data gets into the system as long as it is there. With your approach,
what functionality could it have, that is not yet in?



Jonathan "Dataweaver" Lang