Yury Katkov wrote:

Are you sure about the syntax here? Those {{{Parameters}}} surrounded by curly braces will conflict with template parameters, won't they?

Yes, they will: if you have a template parameter with the same name as a subobject field, you will lose access to the template parameter within the subobject's display field.  It's a problem; but IMHO it's a minor problem, in that the primary purpose of the subobject's display field is to display the subobject's contents. 

You could avoid the problem by using some other delimiter for the subobject fields; but the reason why I suggested triple-curlies is precisely because that's what template parameters use: anyone familiar with wiki syntax will have no problem intuiting their meaning. 

How about this:  use {{{# ... }}} as the delimiters for "inline template parameters".  So:

| given=Ranma
| family=Saotome
| {{{#family}}} {{{#given}}}

The triple curlies indicate that you'll be substituting a value here, and the hash marks indicate that the value will come from within the subobject. 

Mind you, the "default format" supplied by the property page would still use regular template parameter syntax; the {{{# ... }}} syntax would be for the concept of the "inline template" only. 

I could also see this concept of inline templates being used with #ask to provide on-the-fly formatting for search results. 

Jonathan "Dataweaver" Lang