Thank you for your introduction Jeroen, i shall gaze upon the smw sourcecode with new light tomorrow and see if i can't implement something along the lines of your suggestion.

A couple of questions though.

As for your insight on the metadata issue, you state that it would be better to have metadata pointing to it. So say i have a [[Polygon::<coords>,<coords>,<coords>]] property defined exactly how can i point additional metadata to this object? properties like stroke color, stroke weight, stroke opacity, fill color, fill opacity but also textual content (title/text).

And How does smw handle one to many relationships? take for example a the Maps polygons parameter, a map can have several polygons, one polygon consists of several coordinates. Would smw be able to handle a collection of polygons which is a collection of coordinates? How would this be defined in wiki code? 

Would this structure be a fair assumption?

Best regards