I'm rather new to semantic mediawiki and seeking some assistance in terms on how i should proceed.

Today, semantic mediawiki (through the Semantic Maps extension) supports defining geographic coordinates. a single point on a map. However, i intend to expand on this feature and allow to define areas on a map through the use of polygons, circles, rectangles and lines.

So let's look at the individual datatypes:
Polygons and lines are just a non-finite ordered list of coordinates
Circles is defined through a single point/coordinate and a radius.
Rectangles is defined through two points on a map

So, somehow i need to define these datatypes, what would be the best way to do this? any ideas?

Should i define each one of these as a SMWDataItem::TYPE_xxx? Or should these things be defined through things like a combination of record/blobs and arraymap?

Any suggestions on this is greatly appreciated as i'm not sure what path i should take.

Best regards