Any help about this?

2013/4/18 Marcelo Chiaradía <>
Hello everybody,

I have the following situation:

I've defined a semantic form to edit pages within a particular category.

Anytime a user edit my pages with the semantic form, I would like to add a semantic property to the page, which relates the page with the user who made the edition.

Something like "[[userEditor::CURRENTUSER]]"

The thing is that I would like to keep record of all the user that edit the page. I mean, my page could have several "userEditor" relationships then.

Morover, I have my SF separated in two main sections using the "Header Tab" extension. I need to use different properties to relate the user editor, regarding the tab that made the edition. For example, if the user edited the page through "tab 1", then I should use "userEditor_Tab_1". If "tab 2",  "userEditor_Tab_2".

I've been looking through a the smw and mediawiki extensions, and thinking a lot about how to do it, but can't find a way. I read about "SemanticExtraSpecialProperties" EUSER feature, but it solves the problem partially.

Any ideas will be much appreciated.
I'm going crazy trying to solve it.

thanks in advance,