Any tip about this would be much appreciated.


2013/4/25 Marcelo Chiaradía <>
Hello everyone,

Im trying to import some external vocabulary into my wiki (for examples, thesauri terms, dublin core properties, etc).

I need it because I want my pages to be exported into the semantic web, thorugh the "Export RDF" feature.

Importing known vocabularies will allow me to acomplish this in a more massive way I think, cause I will be able to connect some of my pages to external resources through the imported vocabularies.

Moreover, I dont want the imported terms will be considered as pages into my wiki. They represent just external terms. So I defined a new "External_term" namespace for them.

So for each term imported I defined an "External_term" page for it. And for every property imported, I just tag my property page with the "equivalent" tag.

I want to know if Im taking the right approach to expose my pages into the semantic web.

Thanks in advance,