Hi everyone! Thank for WikiEditor support in Semantic Forms, it works really cool. 

I have a question on customization WikiEditor: I need to remove some sections and add some buttons to it. Traditionally I would go to [1] and follow the instructions, but in Semantic Forms there are some problems: 
1) I need to add the customiztion code inside the function that check whether or not I'm in form edit mode. How to do that? 
2) I cannot pick $( '#wpTextbox1') element and run wikiEditor from it since there is no such element. There are multiple spans and each of them may have WikiEditor in it. So I tried picking $('.wikiEditor-ui').parent() but had not much success: no modifications are applied. What should I pick?

I would be very grateful if someone show me an example of the customization.

[1]  http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:WikiEditor/Toolbar_customization 

Yury Katkov