Hi everyone, it's some hot SMWCon news! 

"Ask the speaker" is an experimental feature of  our conference that we want you to try to make it more exciting and to adjust the contents of the talks to your specific need. 
Each talk has an infobox with the link "Ask the speaker" that allows you to ask the presenter questions you're interested in. Do you want the speaker to talk more about the technical details of the topic? or maybe you're interested in business model? or maybe you need more scientific details? Don't hesitate to communicate the speaker  even before the conference begins. 

All the talks are listed in the Agenda:


See you in Cologne! 
Yury Katkov

P.S. yes,yes, nowadays 'Ask the speake'r just links to the discussion page of the talk. :) 

On Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 8:44 PM, Markus Krötzsch <markus@semantic-mediawiki.org> wrote:
Dear all,

the program for the upcoming SMWCon in Cologne is becoming more and more
stable [1]. Most talks should be at their almost final location now.
There are quite a few highlights that are worth mentioning:

* We have two exciting keynote talks by Denny Vrandecic (Wikimedia
Germany e.V.) and Peter Haase (fluidOps):

Denny will introduce Wikidata, the next big thing for Wikipedia, and the
underlying software Wikibase. The co-operation of SMW and Wikidata will
be an important topic of this SMWCon.

Peter will introduce the Information Workbench, a semantic knowledge
management solution by fluidOps. For the first time, SMWCon will include
a number of talks on related systems that are not SMW. Other highlights
in this category include OntoWiki, BlueSpice, SlideWiki, and the
Drupal-based Planetary System. I am sure that it will be insightful and
inspiring to exchange experiences with these projects.

* We'll have a number of practical experience talks. I am particularly
looking forward to the insights of Wikia Inc., presented by Krzysztof
Krzy¿aniak (eloy).

* Joel Natividad will join us live from NY to report about his
award-winning sites and new smart city projects.

* And of course there will be plenty of updates on SMW and its old and
new extensions, including a number of presentations about using SMW in
completely new ways.

The tutorial day will leave more space for discussions and practical
work, especially to discuss problems and ideas with the developers (as
usual, we will have a very high concentration of those). As a special
"non-semantic" tutorial, Yury Katkov will share his first-hand
experience in fighting spam on semanticweb.org and
semantic-mediawiki.org, a topic that concerns many public SMW sites.



[1] http://semantic-mediawiki.org/wiki/SMWCon_Fall_2012/Agenda

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