Hi everyone! 

I think I need something like 'values dependent on' but a little bit more powerful for my Forms. 
I've recently added 'values from query' parameter for the field tag in Semantic Forms (maybe it will be approved), see here for the details [1]

What I need is the ability to create the fields like this one: 

{{field|values from query=[[Category:$1]][[Color::$2]][[Owner::+]]|substitute=Flowers[Genus],Flowers[Color]|input type=listbox}}

This listbox will show the following list of possible values: 
1) the possible values will be the names of the wikipages
2) all these wikipages will have an Owner property
3) there will be belong to a category that is stored in a field Genus of the template Flowers
4) there will have the property Color and the color will be store in a field called Color

My question to the users of SMW: Is anybody interested in such a feature? 
My questions to SMW\SF developers: 
1) is it possible to make semantic queries on the fly using AJAX+SMWAsk API? 
2) Our project really needs such a feature. If we program here, is it likely to be merged with the core of Semantic Forms? 

[1] https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=40629
Yury Katkov