Correction: the triple I get in virtuoso is:

Thanks again!

2013/3/26 Danilo da Rosa <>
Hello! I have been using Redirects in my wiki, but knowing that DoubleRedirects are not supported. However, the problem I have is similar to that one. I am using MW 1.19,  SMW 1.7.1 and Virtuoso as triplestore. I am also using the recomendations of pretty URIs (

The problem occurs when I follow these steps:

Create a page named "PageC" with content "Content of PageC"

Create a page named "PageB", with content " #redirect [[PageC]]"

Create a page named "PageA" with content "[[new_property::PageB]]"

(new_property  by default is of type Page)

The uri for the pages are:

The problem is that I get the following triple in virtuoso:

Thats the same kind of triple I get when I have Double Redirects.

If I create the page named "PageA" with content "[[PageB]]" there is no problem with the URI.

Does anybody knows how to solve it?

Thanks! Danilo