Dear All,

I have a strange idea, and I'm looking for you to tell me why it is nuts!  It seems to me that the proliferation of namespaces is a bad thing.  It makes looking for stuff harder and clutters up a wiki.  That being said, SMW and it's associates add A LOT of mess in this regard:
  1. Property
  2. and it's talk namespace
  3. Type
  4. and it's talk namespace
  5. Concept
  6. and it's talk namespace
  7. Form
  8. and it's talk namespace
  9. Filter
  10. and it's talk namespace
There may be some that I am missing.  My idea is, why not just have there be _-ONE-_ namespace, say SEMANTIC or SMW and it's associated talk namespace?  Wouldn't that reduce clutter?  Now, I recognize that it would force people to not name TYPE's and PROPERTY's with the same, exact name, but isn't that a good thing?  Why do there need to be so many namespaces?