This would be for Stefan and Yaron :)

I am still trying to troubleshoot why I am experiencing a pause of several seconds when using popupforms in IE (and not in Firefox or Chrome).

I tracked down the issue to this block of code :

                function handlePopupFormInput( ptarget, elem ) {




                       'load', function(){

                                                // attach event handler to iframe

                                                iframe.bind( 'load', handleLoadFrame );

                                                return false;



                       = 'popupform-iframe' + instance;

                                return true;



For some reason, the Load/bind functions for iframes takes about 30 s in IE.
(I placed an alert at the very end of showForm() and another alert at the start of handleLoadFrame and timed the difference).

I suppose the short answer is that I should stick with better browsers, which wouldn't be a problem except that IE is the dominant browser around here.

I have two questions :

1- Why isn't popupform based on fancybox, which is already included with Semantic Forms and doesn't seem to display this behavior in IE

2- Could you look at the code offancybox and see if there is anything you could borrow to make this iframe load work well in IE ?

I started looking at the code but it will take me a while to identify what I need to change

My apologies in advance if this was eventually resolved in a more recent version. I am waiting to upgrade to MW 1.17 before updating SF.
- Laurent Alquier