My name is Dev, and I'm a CS major in University of Tezpur in India. I've done some work on LAMP and other web technologies in the past and very recently heard about GSoC. I chatted for a minute on #semantic-mediawiki last night and was advised that it's better that I run by my questions in this mailing list.

I read about one project idea in particular on SMW, posted by Markus. It's about building a better UI for Special:Ask.
* From what I gather, it seems GSoC has not funded many UI-related projects at all. I see that many people scoff at UI projects as being to 'easy'? Is it a good idea to post as a proposal?
* I've also come across many extensions that improve the way data is explored on SMW such as the Halo extensions and Semantic Drilldown, but it seems none of them helps me in building a nice, simple query I can later embed in one of the pages. Is that a good enough reason to work on this?

I'm a FOSS newbie so please be gentle ;)