Hey Dev,

> I see that many people scoff at UI projects as being to 'easy'? Is it a good idea to post as a proposal?

I think this is an important project for increasing SMW usability, and that it has been proposed by Markus is also an indicator it's a good idea :) The project might not be _that_ easy, as the project description states, you need to be familiar with all the capabilities of the SMW query language and be able to create an interface that's truly easy to understand and use (while retaining all features). My main concern is that this project is probably not enough work to cover 3 months. However, if you run out of work there are similar improvements that can be made at other places in SMW and related extensions.

I'd be willing to mentor, or preferably co-mentor, this. I'm familiar with the involved code and the SMW query language, but am not an UI/usability person, so would be of limited help there.


Jeroen De Dauw
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