Maps and Semantic Maps 0.6.6 are now available for download [0]. This release addresses some problems with coordinate parsing, wikitext in marker pop-ups and geocoding from behind proxies. It should be the most stable release of both extensions to date, so you are advised to upgrade if stability is important for you. More information about this release can be found on my blog [1] and on the documentation wiki [2].

A lot of improvements have been made to the documentation as well. Both the Maps examples [3] and Semantic Maps examples [4] are now comprehensive and complete. There now are finally examples of using query templates, of distance queries and of some nice compound queries. Some more work is needed though, a lot of which is explaining basic functionality and fixing minor issues all over the place. Ill be taking care of the most important things, but Id be great if people using the extensions could help me out improving the documentation :)

[0] http://mapping.referata.com/wiki/Help:Download
[1] http://blog.bn2vs.com/2010/08/27/maps-and-semantic-maps-0-6-6-released/
[2] http://mapping.referata.com/wiki/Mapping_on_MediaWiki
[3] http://mapping.referata.com/wiki/Maps_examples
[4] http://mapping.referata.com/wiki/Semantic_Maps_examples


Jeroen De Dauw
* http://blog.bn2vs.com
* http://wiki.bn2vs.com
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