I would like to track more properties about the pages themselves in order to improve community editing.
That means things like, first author, last author, number of hits, number of edits, and so on...
I am planning to separate these properties from the content using different name spaces (dublin core, skos, something like that).

I am already using an extension that adds credits at the bottom of a page (first author and all contributors).
It would be a perfect place to add these properties.

The problem is, that extension is using a hook that is triggered after the semantic properties are processed, so I cannot add these using the wikitext parser.

My question(s):

- Do you know of a hook that would work better at the end of a page but before the wikitext is interpreted ?
- Failing that, do you know where I could find a sample of code to add properties directly to the store, without relying on the parser ?
- Is there a better way to achieve that (without adding another 'special' property, which is kind of cumbersome at the moment).

- Laurent Alquier