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If there's data that you don't want users to modify, I wouldn't put it in the wiki. Instead, I would use the External Data extension, which lets you keep the data wherever it originates (a database?), and then display it on the wiki where necessary, or even store it via SMW:



On Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 12:59 PM, Ellis, Peter C <Peter.Ellis@pnl.gov> wrote:
Greetings, all -

Is there a way to configure Semantic MediaWiki so that properties are defined in more than one namespace? Here's the situation: we have a system that automatically populates wikis with a certain set of predefined properties that we don't want users to be able to modify (which is why the property data is automatically updated with each site release). However, we still want to provide users with the capability to define their own properties whilst avoiding any possibility of accidentally overwriting user-defined properties with future updates that might add or remove properties from our automatically generated list. The idea we came up with was to allow users to define properties within a separate namespace - say, UserProperty instead of Property - and then have our automated system check to make sure that the user had not already defined a property with a matching name prior to creating its entries. Thus, we'd have both the UserProperty AND Property namespaces working in sync.

I realize this is a nontrivial bit of functionality, but was hoping that perhaps some mechanism already existed that might allow us to do this (or perhaps that someone might have a better idea of how to approach this). My searches have turned up nothing, but I figured that if anyone would know, it'd be the developer community.

Peter Ellis
Knowledge Discovery and Informatics
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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