I've added support for this comparator. You can try it out by checking out the code from svn trunk.


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On 19 May 2010 22:12, Beecher Greenman <greenmanrb@mail.nih.gov> wrote:
I'd also be interested in a feature like this, and from looking at the
code, the part about the main additions being in those two files seems
sound. Has there been any movement forward on this idea, or are there
other issues that this feature would need to address?

On 09/01/2009 05:32 AM, Robert Michel wrote:
> Hi,
> SMW queries currently support NOT '!' and LIKE '~' operators when
> querying the values of semantic properties.
> Are there current plans to add a NOT LIKE (e.g. '!~') operator? This
> would significantly enhance the query capabilities, especialy when using
> SMW more like a CMS or for storing standardised data sets.
> Since (from my limited understanding of the SMW code) the current
> operators get translated into their corresponding SQL statements inside
> a WHERE clause (not gets '!=', like gets ' LIKE '), it seems that adding
> another operator which is getting translated into ' NOT LIKE ' would be
> not that a large change.
> It think that the main additions would have to be done in the following
> files: (besides some other)
> includes/SMW_QueryProcessor.php
> includes/storage/SMW_SQLStore2_Queries.php
> Or are there any other problems related to that I'm not aware of?
> Thanks!!