Hi Markus

Great news.

I was about to upgrade to 1.15 over the weekend but I ran into an error about 'SMW_RAP_STORE' not being defined (the actual name could be slightly different... basically, it did not recognize that I was using the RAP triple store). I put the upgrade on hold until 1.15.1 comes out.

I can't try with SVN from where I am but maybe you could check out if the global name for alternate stores are missing in 1.15.1 as well ?


- Laurent

On Sun, May 30, 2010 at 12:37 PM, Markus Krötzsch <markus@semantic-mediawiki.org> wrote:
Dear developers,

we are about to finish the work on SMW 1.5.1 which mainly fixes various SMW
1.5.0 bugs, improves code style and structure, and adds some further extension
points. The release is planned for tomorrow evening.

In order to ensure that the released version is what we have tested, I ask you
to not commit any further feature changes/extensions until after the release.
On the other hand, you are invited to test the current SVN code.



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