To answer some of your questions and ask some more :

- A triple store connector for ARC would be great.

I read that someone involved with ARC development was considering making one, so you may want to check with them in case they have already started. Every store has their own quirks and advantages. There cannot be too many Triple Store connectors for SMW :)

I am especially interested in ARC's capability to query remote stores.

- It would be great to include RDF export of special properties (such as 'Modification date').

I created a patch to do that locally but a more general mechanism suitable for future special properties would be a better approach.

- We noted some issues to follow links from RDF export to RDF export with some clients.

Often, links to other pages are interpreted using URIResolver instead of going to the ExportRDF. Maybe we missed some configuration, but it didn't seem possible to make RDF export browsable without reverting to the HTML pages.

I can put you in contact with someone who ran into that issue if you are interested in hearing more details.

- Laurnet Alquier

On Thu, May 13, 2010 at 12:52 PM, Samuel Lampa <> wrote:
Have started looking at relevant code for the GSoC, resulting in some
thoughts and open questions:


On 04/27/2010 02:42 AM, Samuel Lampa wrote:
> Hi,
> As an accepted GSoC2010 student (Title "General RDF export/import in
> Semantic MediaWiki" with Denny Vrandecic as mentor) I wanted to say hi
> and introduce the the project and myself. For the project info and bio,
> I guess the application gives the best info, so I posted a copy on my
> blog for those whithout access to the GSoC site:
> The blog will be where I document the project. See GSoC2010-tagged posts:
> Feedback always welcome, here or on the blog.
> I've posted a status update there already, but in short it is; Busy week
> now, finishing thesis report. Will start getting dev environment up
> though, and next 2 weeks look at code, for a planned briefing with Denny
> on 12/5. Actual coding will start a little delayed, on 9/6 (due to last
> exam on 8/6, but will make up for that.
> Much looking forward to the project. Will surely be a challenge, but I
> look forward to learn a lot, and hopefully we'll solve a lot of problems
> too! :)
> Cheers,
> Samuel

Samuel Lampa
Degree project student - M.Sc. Biotechnology
Project blog:
Supervisor: Egon Willighagen -
Bioclipse group -
Dept. of Pharm. Biosciences, Uppsala University, Sweden


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