Hi Patrick,

Indeed, that's a bug in SIO - I just fixed it in SVN, here:


If you re-update the code, it should work fine.


On Fri, Jun 25, 2010 at 10:40 PM, Patrick Nagel <mail@patrick-nagel.net> wrote:

I just tried the latest SVN version of SIO, and am getting a database error on
saving a page containing a #set_internal call:

A database query syntax error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the
software. The last attempted database query was:

(SQL query hidden)

from within function "SIO::deleteCoordsData". MySQL returned error "1146:
Table 'wiki.sm_coords' doesn't exist (localhost)".

I believe SIO should first make sure, SM is installed (or the relevant tables
are present in the database), since SM is not a prerequisite for SIO.


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