MediaWiki 1.16 already includes jQuery 1.3.2. No jQuery UI so far though. Should be careful not to include the 1.4.2 library when 1.3.2 has been included by some other extension.

Jeroen De Dauw
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On 26 May 2010 17:47, Yaron Koren <> wrote:

As some of you know, I'm mentoring a project, with Sanyam Goyal doing the main work, of transitioning Semantic MediaWiki and some of its spinoff extensions to use jQuery, the Javascript library that is set to become the standard for MediaWiki. To that end, we want to add jQuery into SMW itself, so that there's a standard version and set of files that all the extensions use, and so that wikis don't have to go out to the internet to get the code (like they usually do with YUI at this point, for some extensions). This would involve adding just two files to SMW's /libs directory: one for jQuery and one for jQuery UI, a very standard sister library for jQuery that provides a set of helpful effects and widgets, like autocompletion:

Here are the two files that would need to be added (presumably the minimized form is better):

...and here are the two non-minimized files, if you're curious:

I thought this would be a good time to add it, since SMW 1.5.1 is set to be released fairly soon.

At some point, MediaWiki itself will include jQuery, so these files will become increasingly unnecessary; but such a version hasn't been released yet, and it'll be a long time before most people are using it.

Any thoughts/objections?



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