This looks interesting. I have two main comments/questions about it:

- I don't know if the license for Aloha Editor is compatible with MediaWiki - it has a dual license, of AGPL for open-source plus a commercial license:


I'm far from a license expert - would that work, or not?

- It uses HTML5, i.e. everyone's favorite semi-nonexistent technology. My understanding is that HTML5 is partly supported by various browsers, though not IE. Is it too early to talk about HTML5 in the context of MediaWiki?


On Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 9:56 AM, Krabina Bernhard <krabina@kdz.or.at> wrote:

please have a look at this new editor: http://www.aloha-editor.org/

Maybe this would be a nice feature for MediaWiki in general and Semantic Forms in particular...


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