Hi Benedikt,

> - I'd like to have a go for an SMW extension that reads in KML [2] or shape
> [3] files, in order to show polygons on a map.

Maps/Semantic Maps added this feature really recently (version 0.6.4
a4):  http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension_talk:Maps#New_feature_to_add_KML_files_364

Support for shape files would be really nice as well though.

Yes,  support for shapefiles and other GIS data, plus greater support for KML, would be quite nice, although in my opinion that should all be done via the Maps and Semantic Maps extensions.

On that note, could you explain how your priorities for Semantic MediaWiki development work get decided, now and in the future? Is it entirely up to you what you work on?