I have been playing with ideas from this thread to do the same thing - add predefined properties from an extension.

I came down to this basic code to add user defined properties (based on a predefined string $propertyName and a calculated value from my extension $value)

        $property = SMWPropertyValue::makeUserProperty( $propertyName );
        $dv = SMWDataValueFactory::newPropertyObjectValue( $property, $value );
        SMWParseData::getSMWData( $parser )->addPropertyObjectValue( $property, $dv );

I am also using the 'ParserAfterTidy' hook since it seems more appropriate to my extension is doing (add semantic annotations for authors of a page).

At this point, my problem is this :

1- If I use this code as-is, no value seems to be saved for this page

2- If I use SMWParseData::storeData as indicated above, I lose some properties since storeData assumes parsing has been done when it is called.

3- If I use a direct access to the store by replacing :  SMWParseData::getSMWData( $parser ) by : smwfGetStore()->getSemanticData($wgTitle) , values are saved but they get wiped out at the next refresh job.

My question (and I assume, the original question as well) :

How do I go from this user property code to saved values that will persist after a refresh ?

Based on Markus recommendation, I did check the custom properties added by SME_ParseData and it seems that nothing more is needed than what I have above.

Any insight ? code sample ? nudge in any direction ? :)

- Laurent

On Thu, Nov 4, 2010 at 4:51 AM, Harwarth, Stefan (Bundeswehr) <Stefan.Harwarth@cassidian.com> wrote:
Using SMWParseData::storeData at the end of my parserhook solves the
problem with the data that I generate, but now any other semantic data
contained in the rest of the article is discarded... I guess it's
because of what the documentation for storeData says, that the parsing
is assumed to be complete.

So this is not the fix for my problem :(


> -----Original Message-----
> From: zehetner [mailto:zehetner@molgen.mpg.de]
> Sent: Monday, November 01, 2010 10:24 AM
> To: Harwarth, Stefan (Bundeswehr)
> Cc: semediawiki-devel@lists.sourceforge.net
> Subject: Re: [SMW-devel] Problem with storing semantic
> attributes in a parserhook
> I use
>    SMWParseData::addProperty( $property, $prop_val, false,
> $wgParser, true );
>    SMWParseData::storeData( $wgParser->getOutput(), $title,
> false ); which seems to work so far ok to store properties
> generated within an extension (although it might not be the
> correct or official way to do it) $property is a string with
> the property name, $prop_value the value of the property (in
> case of multi-valued properties a string like e.g.
> 'p1;p2;;p3') and $title a title object.
> Cheers,
> Gu
> On Fri, 29 Oct 2010 16:21:03 +0200, "Harwarth, Stefan (Bundeswehr)"
> <Stefan.Harwarth@cassidian.com> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm working on an Mediawiki extension that uses the
> > SMWData::addProperty function to store semantic data inside
> a parser
> > hook function, which is working perfectly when saving a
> page. But when
> > I use the ApprovedRevs extension to approve the revision of an
> > article, my semantic data isn't stored, even though the call to
> > addProperty is executed and a valid DataValue object is returned.
> >
> > For debugging reasons I added regular semantic markup, so
> that my page
> > looks like the following:
> > [[Property1::Value1]]
> > {{#set:Property2=Value2}}
> > <mystuff>Some text</mystuff>
> > The first two property values are stored when I approve a
> revision of
> > this article and my parserhook is called, only that the properties
> > that I create via addProperty() don't appear in the factbox and in
> > queries :(
> >
> > Do I need to call any other functions besides addProperty? I tried
> > SMWOuputs::commitToParser, but that didn't help..
> >
> > Regards,
> > Stefan

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