That sounds like a bug in Semantic Forms. SF's property validation is supposed to mimic that of SMW, and SMW allows space padding around all values, so SF should as well. There's no need to justify it that much - a bug is a bug.

By the way, more specific subject lines would be helpful. In this case, something like "[SF] Validation of number properties fails on extra spaces" would have worked.


On Fri, Aug 20, 2010 at 10:14 AM, John Arrowwood <John@irie-inc.com> wrote:
I rolled out a feature to my team, and in two days I had two reports of users being blocked by the validation of numeric input fields. The first one figured out that somehow a space got attached to the end, possibly via cut-and-paste. The second one, we worked on it, and there was no sign of a non-digit in the field, but we highlighted the whole field and re-typed the number, and all was well.

You may be thinking "stupid users" but these are not stupid users, these are technology folks. Imagine users who really are "stupid." I think, for usability purposes, the validation of numeric data entry fields should be a tad more tolerant. At the very least, ignore or strip out whitespace characters before attempting a conversion.

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