I've created a bunch of pages, Term/___, where the term name is the sub-page name. 
I've created a Glossary page that does a Category display of all of those pages, but without the Term/ prefix
Now I'd like to use the Terminology extension to highlight any terms found in my Glossary.  It works by reading [[Terminology]] page dictionary definitions.

As I was afraid, it does so without first interpreting the templates in the page.  The code in the extension does this:

$rev = Revision::newFromTitle(Title::makeTitle(null, 'Terminology'));
if ($rev) {
  $content = $rev->getText();

It then parses it raw, before it is converted to HTML.  If I wanted to embed a {{#ask: query, or a {{template}} that contains the {{#ask: query,  can anybody tell me what I would have to add to this code to get it to do that?  I'll keep digging, see if I can find it, but if somebody knows it off the top of their head, I'd appreciate it.


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