I believe that was my decision - when I populated that getParameters() call, I decided not to include 'offset', even though it's an allowed parameter, because it seemed to only get used by Special:Ask, to do pagination, and not within standalone #ask queries. So it didn't seem like a true parameter that was worth adding an input for - more like a "helper parameter".


On Tue, Mar 15, 2011 at 11:44 AM, Benjamin Langguth <langguth@ontoprise.de> wrote:
Hello at all,

i was just working with different result printers and one question came
up for me.

The abstract class SMWResultPrinter [1] is implemented by each (new)
result printer and contains a function called getParameters to offer the
supported parameters.
I found the parameter 'limit' in it but now i'm wondering why 'offset'
is not listed by default here.
I think they are pretty familar so can anyone explain why this 'offset'
is missing here?

Thanks & regards,


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