I tried to describe in some videos what I wanted to do with SPARQL and mediawiki but I hope see these functionality in the future versions of semantic mediawiki.
The videos are probably boring for the user of SMW.

if you have a difficulty to read or to understand the subtitle in english, please  send my an email ! thanks.


2010/9/24 Markus Krötzsch <markus@semantic-mediawiki.org>
My last email explained how the task of communicating with single RDF
stores could be delegated to implementations of a new "RDFStore"
interface. This email is to start a discussion on this interface (once
we have it fixed, we can start implementing/porting bindings for
different stores in parallel).

The interface should have all necessary functions for answering queries
and for writing data to an RDF store. But it should otherwise be minimal
so that many different stores can support it, and so that not much is
needed for implementing it. It should not include special assumptions on
the way in which the binding is realised, but it can use SPARQL syntax
in its interface (we can introduce helper functions for manipulating
SPARQL later on, either in RDFStore or in SMWExternalStore, but this is
not the main topic of this thread).

The three relevant interface functions I see are:
* Answer SPARQL queries
* Write data to the store
* Delete data from the store

But which parameters should these functions take and which return values
should they give? Do we need anything else? Feedback is welcome.

-- Markus

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