I think that syntax is rather ugly. I had thought about this before. I was thinking using the !, as is common in many programming languages. Although one would normally use "!=", I think that should be flipped in order to conform to the others currently in use (ie: :=< :=>) and use ":=!". Just my thoughts.

On 11/19/06, Markus Krötzsch <mak@aifb.uni-karlsruhe.de> wrote:
On Friday 17 November 2006 12:05, Fernando Correia wrote:
> In the inline query, is it possible to use a "not equal" condition?
> Something like <ask>[[attribute:=<>Something]]</ask>
> If I try
> Something like
> <ask>[[attribute:=<Something]][[attribute:=>Something]]</ask>
> It won' work because "<" means "less than or equal to" and ">" means
> "greather than or equal to".

True, this is not avaialble at the moment. I think I can do this easily.
Should it have the above syntax (:=<>)?



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