I read this is a gernal mediawiki issue:

Is there a way to empty the caches for all pages at once?
It can be cumbersome if you have to "null edit" at lot of pages

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On Wed, Sep 24, 2008 at 4:32 PM, Daniel Friesen <dan_the_man@telus.net> wrote:
Yes, that's likely due to a page cache.
Try going to the page and using ?action=purge to see if the same thing

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Guy Heathcote wrote:
> Hi.  I'm currently in the initial stages of building a completely new SMW
> wiki, quite separate from what I've done before.  Anyway, I've come accross
> a problem with the new installation that I've not previously seen - it's
> certainly not affecting my other projects.
> Basically, I'm finding that inline queries aren't picking up on when new
> pages are being added - they just continue to show whatever was previously
> there.  However, if I enter edit mode and save the query page, without
> actually changing anything, then the query does update itself correctly.  Is
> there something cache-related that needs to be sorted out?
> Guy

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