I ended up putting together a patch to add the modification date to the SMW_Export and RDF export pages. 

I used the Dublin Core namespace for now until I figure out if another namespace is more suited for this kind of predefined property.

I will try to send this one and the other patch I developed a few days ago to the Bugzilla project next week if anyone wants to take a look.

No change was necessary on the triple store side (except for a general update of semantic properties to generate the missing triples).

- Laurent

On Jan 10, 2010, at 11:50 AM, Laurent Alquier wrote:


Can anyone confirm that the special property Modification Date is not handled by the SMW_Export class ?

I have a SPARQL endpoint setup (RAP) and I would like to extract modification dates with page names, but that property is missing from the store.

Looking at the RAP Store class, it seems to be pointing to triples generated from the SMW_Export class.

Is that a known limitation of the special property ?

- Laurent
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