I think Sindice is using it and Richard Cyganiak is the guy who advertised it ;)
I saw Sindice bot coming for it and all other regular bots too (with no result probably ;)).

BTW, there are some issues with command line tools (e.g. SMW_dumpRDF.php) and enableSemantics() which I think is worth converting to just be called at the end of SMW_Settings.php - the problem is with $wgServer and $wgServerName not being set at that point while default value for $smwgNamespace should be based on $wgServerName, but should be bound later in the game when it's actually used.

I hope to really get rid of this call with parameter - there is no need for the custom value unless there is something magical happens on the server. BTW, maybe it's worth describing mod_rewrite rules neede for resolving custom namespace values.


On Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 10:54 AM, Markus Krötzsch <markus@semantic-mediawiki.org> wrote:
On Donnerstag, 4. Juni 2009, Sergey Chernyshev wrote:
> Guys,
> As patch for imported vocabularies from Li Ding worked fine and RDF export
> now functions properly, I finally published semantic sitemaps for my
> projects - you can and example here:
> http://www.techpresentations.org/semantic-sitemap.xml
> What it does - it allow Semantic Crawlers like Sindice to use static dump
> instead of crawling your wiki's Special:ExportRDF pages.
> See more info on Semantic Sitemaps here:
> http://sw.deri.org/2007/07/sitemapextension/

Great, thanks. I had been discussing this with the guys from DERI some time
ago, but nobody was found to actually implement it.

-- Markus

> Thank you,
>         Sergey
> --
> Sergey Chernyshev
> http://www.sergeychernyshev.com/

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