Sorry, graph formatter is not created by me - it was just an example. It can accept much more options to do many things, see and some of them broken (linking, for example and I'm going to look at it later).

The feature I added is a drop-down box above "Find results" that allows user to pick formatter on the fly - user can use either broadtable (default) to formulate a query and get all data he needs:[[Category%3AConference]]&po=%3FStart+date%0D%0A%3FEnd+date%0D%0A&sc=0&eq=yes&p=format%3Dbroadtable&eq=yes

and then switch to specific formatter for display purposes:[[Category%3AConference]]&p=format%3Dtimeline&po=%3FStart+date%0A%3FEnd+date%0A&eq=yes

I also plan to add "give me embed code" that will generate a {{#ask:...}} string that users can grab anc put into the pages.

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Sergey Chernyshev

On Fri, Mar 27, 2009 at 3:24 AM, CNIT <> wrote:


After a brief discussion with Yaron, I added result format drop-down to Special:Ask on TechPresentations:[[Category%3ARFC]]+[[RFC+updates%3A%3A%2B]]+[[RFC+updated+by%3A%3A%2B]]&po=%3FRFC+updates%0D%0A&sc=0&eq=yes&p=format%3Dgraph

There is a lot to improve, but it's a good first phase.

If nobody objects, I'll check it into repository. Patch can be seen here:

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Hi Sergey!
Looks really nice! Maybe that would be useful for my wikis, too. What if to make the images clickable
via image maps? That might be too much extra work, though.