Geocode just takes input string - I'm not sure why #show does not return what you expect. More over, the page you're linking to seems to be working fine. Another idea is that you better add geocoded value on the page that defines "Postal Address" and create another property like "Postal geocode" instead of defining it on the resulting page, then you can use {{#show:{{PAGENAME}}|?Postal geocode}} instead of {{#geocode: {{#show:{{PAGENAME}}|?Postal Address}} }}


Sergey Chernyshev

On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 8:08 AM, P Nelnik <> wrote:
Good moring all,
The #show function can be used to retrieve properties that were set on the current page. For example you could have: {{#show:{{PAGENAME}}|?Property Name}}. It seems to work fine.
Also I've found that #geocode works, given a postal address it gets the longitude and latitude. However, I've found that when I combine #show with #geocode, something like:
{{#geocode: {{#show:{{PAGENAME}}|?Postal Address}} }}

it sometimes works, for example when it is all wrapped up in a template, but very often it does not work. To see an example of this bug on a page, have a look at this page

My question: is there a way to get #show and #geocode to work together consistently?

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