There was no way to do that when I tried it, unfortunately. What you can try to do (which I didn't) is to use same query as count and use it in #if which will surround whole block of the page.

Please let the list know if you'll be able to do this.

Thank you,


On Sun, Jul 27, 2008 at 1:50 PM, Bobby S <> wrote:
I am trying to set up a sub-heading for the intro parameter like so:


When I put the following in the ask query it doesn't work - it
actually prints out the actual text "===Subheading===" rather than
converting it to an <h3> subheading like it should.  I tried to do
this in the query itself directly and then as a call to a template and
neither seemed to work.  Here is what I had:

 | intro====Subheading===

and I tried:

 | intro={{Subheading}}
where {{Subheading}} had ===Subheading=== in the template.

Any thoughts?


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