Nathan, thanks for update!
It's great to see that you guys are working on it already! I'd be happy to help with testing on real life examples!

David, can you describe your approach to the task? Unfortunately I can't say I was able to follow the code changes in repository except for maybe that you created extension to SMW that hooks into link processing.

The reason I'm asking is that in discussion with Yaron, we were able to identify two approaches:
  1. to simply inject RDFa data into FactBox (seems to be easier to do but conceptually not necessarily best approach)
  2. to inject RDFa into tags surrounding actual data in the body of the article (better approach, but might face some various challenges)
I'll be happy to start testing even intermediate results you have and discuss the issues as they come up.

Thank you,


On Thu, Jul 24, 2008 at 2:27 PM, Nathan Kinkade <> wrote:
2008/7/24 Sergey Chernyshev <>:
> Nathan, Asheesh,
> How's it going with RDFa support project? I'm happy to be in conversations
> and help the developer with advise or even code - please let the list know.
> Thank you,
>           Sergey


Thanks for the reminder.  I have copied David, the Google SoC person,
who is doing the work.  David checked in a few things to our SMW git
repository a couple weeks ago, but since then he's done a good bit
more that hasn't yet been committed:
 I should note that David mentioned to me that his initial
implementation was aimed at getting a working prototype, and that the
final result would involve very little change to either the SMW code
or the MW code.


Would you commit your latest changes.  It would be great to get
feedback from the SMW developers.



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