Nathan, Asheesh,

How's it going with RDFa support project? I'm happy to be in conversations and help the developer with advise or even code - please let the list know.

Thank you,


On Sat, Jun 21, 2008 at 1:53 PM, Sergey Chernyshev <> wrote:
Yep, thanks for sharing - I had this in mind as well - badges that people can "easily add to their HTML pages" without knowing what's inside, but still producing semantically meaningful results for crawlers.

BTW, I added RDFa support to our Semantic Ready Validator: and can't wait to see it have one more check mark on my SMW installations ;) There is a bookmark for it too.


On Thu, Jun 12, 2008 at 7:16 PM, Nathan Kinkade <> wrote:
2008/6/9 Sergey Chernyshev <>:
> Great! Please keep us updated!
> BTW, can you describe a use case that you have at CC for RDFa? I think such
> scenarios can benefit the community.
> Thank you,
>         Sergey

Do you mean specifically how CC might use RDFa relative to SMW, or
just generally?  Probably the principle use for RDFa at CC is for
embedding licensing information.  There is a great little bookmarket
tool at called GetN3
(  So, if you use that
tool on one our Commons Deeds (e.g. it should extract a good
number of triples.  The HTML that our license chooser
( produces includes RDFa.
Hopefully at some point the major search engines will use this data to
allow for concise searching of content based on license.

I'll try to let the list know what happens with the GSoC person who
will be working on turning the SMW data into RDFa.


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