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I wonder why SMW doesn't allow it's owner to state that things in FOAF are the same as in vCard? After all, it's about "anynone can say anything about everything" approach.

I don't think it makes sense for someone to talk to FOAF and vCard creators just to state that his term is both. Maybe it's not a very good idea to do so, but it's a reasonable idea. Otherwise how's that different from me stating the same in OWL description of external ontology and then mapping this ontology (instead of FOAF and vCard)?

I think multiple imported from might make sense, will be happy to discuss implications in more detail.

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Sergey Chernyshev

On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 8:59 AM, Markus Krötzsch <> wrote:
> Further, I want to know if it is possible to map a Property to
> Relations in multiple Ontologies. An example might be "firstname",
> which is available in the FOAF ontology and the vCard ontology. Can I
> use multiple [[imported from::]] statements?

No, this will not work properly (and I am unsure how the export would have to
look if a simple FOAF and vCard tool was to understand it ...).

In general, if FOAF or vCard thought that their terms have the same meaning,
then they would have described that in their own ontologies, wouldn't they?
What you want to do here is make a statements about the relationship of two
ontologies that others have created -- maybe you should contact these people
to check if there is a reason why they did not do this yet.

> The next problem is the mapping between Categories and Classes of
> external Ontologies. Ie. I want to be able to map Category:Person to
> foaf:Person. How can I do that?

That will work with imported from as well. See for an example.

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> Thank you!
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