Great, I think it's quite useful for all people-oriented wikis. I tried to get AIFBs cards into my Outlook, but it only loaded one card with AIFB as name and ignored the rest.

In any case, it looks like many people realize that moving towards structured data should be on both RDF and non-RDF directions.

So I want to raise a question regarding various other ways to express data on SMW instance. We already talked about RDFa - not with vCard comes a question about Microformats, e.g. hCard, hCalendar and so on.

Our Semantic Ready Validator tests for various kinds of structured data including Microformats - it's be great if we can have check mark next to Microformats on AIFB page:

What do you think it might involve? Should we integrate it into SMW or use some other extensions on presentation layer to assign rels and classes to divs and spans?


On Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 11:27 AM, Markus Krötzsch <> wrote:
Hi all,

SMW now has support for exporting data in vCard format, thus letting you
import contacts easily from a wiki into your personal address book. This
feature works similar to RSS and iCalendar exports: a special format (vcard)
is used for semantic queries, and labels of printout statements are used to
describe how wiki properties should be used in the vCard export.

vCards should be especially useful in intranet wikis where a lot of personal
data is found. Sites like often have only little personal
information. Yet you can see examples there, e.g. at as well as on any person's page.

An example vCard query is as follows:

{{#ask: [[{{FULLPAGENAME}}]]
| format=vcard
| ?Affiliation=organization
| ?Email
| ?Foaf:phone=workphone
| ?Homepage
| searchlabel=vCard

The labels (e.g. "email" or "organization") have a special predefined
relationship to vCard properties. SMW currently supports the following

birthday  (should by of Type:Date)
note  (can be anything, the query results are combined with "," and inserted
as free text)

These map to standard vCard fields in the obvious way. More fields could be
enabled if requested.



Markus Krötzsch
Semantic MediaWiki