I think one approach would be to generate GeoRSS and use RSS feeding into the Google Map.


On Mon, Jun 9, 2008 at 8:06 PM, Samuel Richardson <sam@richardson.co.nz> wrote:
Hello List,

I've been using the excellent Semantic Maps extension in conjunction
with the Semantic Forms plug in to geolocate items in my Wiki. I'd
been linking these together using the DynamicPageList extension to
generate Google maps, you can see an example of this here:


This generates nice maps with clickable points that can display a
preview image and description. The problem I've run in to is that once
I get past about 60 points on the map the DPL extension causes the
MySQL database to run out of memory. It would be much more efficient
to directly link the SMW ask queries to generate the entries inside
the Google Map. I created a query that generated all the needed items
and linked that to a custom template. That template lives here:


And an example output of that template:


The problem I have is the extra <p> tags being generated in the
template are stopping the Google Maps extension from correctly parsing
the output of the template (I've removed the GoogleMaps tag at the
moment so you can correctly see the template output). Google Maps
takes content in the following format:

-31, -31 Title
Content for the pop up box.

The outputted code is generating:

<p>-31, 31 Title

Which is enough to upset the parsing. Does anyone have any ideas about
how I could go about linking SMW and Google Maps? Either get my first
example working or another approach that I could take? (Perhaps I
could transform the XML output of the pages into KML?)


Samuel Richardson

T: (0405) 472 748


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