Funny - I was thinking of the very same feature in conjunction with API calls - this might be a way to protect servers from load, but still giving users flexibility.

For example, these query definitions (can be created as pages like Semantic Forms) will be only editable by some limited group of users (as well as inline queries and Special:Ask), but running the queries will be wide open.

But it's not only about load - it might be a good way to allow regular people to do querying - on the web interface it streamlines user experience and in /api.php it can provide quick access to querying, but without all the hassle of putting query within the API call.


On Feb 7, 2008 5:19 AM, <> wrote:
Is there already some tool which allows to query SMW wikis with
'semi-predefined' ask statements, where users can interactively define values
via a form? Kind of a hybrid between an inline query (which is completely
predefined) and Special:Ask (which requires to enter a complete query)?

Assuming a wiki about rulers in different countries with the properties [[ruled
in::]], [[ruled from::]], [[ruled until::], [[title::]], [[birth date::]] has a
search page showing a form like:

* Search by date
 Show rulers in country [_choose_] ruling between [_____] and [_____]  [SEARCH]

where [____] is either a text input field or a select field (with all existing
unique values of a property to choose from) in a form which executes some
predefined ask query after pressing the [SEARCH] button like

 <ask sort="birth date"> [[Category::Rulers]] [[ruled in::?input from field
'country'?]] [[ruled from::>?input from field 'from'?]] [[ruled until::<?input
from field 'until'?]] [[title::*]] [[birth date::*]]</ask>

(or an equivalent {{#ask:}} function)

Neither 'Semantic Drilldown' (which needs predefined filters) nor 'Semantic
Forms' (which can be used to add and edit data but not for searching) seem to
allow that kind of thing as far as I can see.


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